With Cloud MSP you no longer have to experience the frustration that comes from working with slow and outdated computers. Cloud MSP manages all your business hardware and software to make sure your systems are capable to meet your business computing needs. Computer workstations, servers, backup disaster recovery, firewalls, and internet security are all included for a flat monthly fee! Every three years, we replace your equipment at no additional cost to you.

  • Uninterrupted and up-to-date technology, you never have to worry about out-of-date equipment. Cloud MSP's stable monthly fee includes hardware, software and data backup!
  • Not only is our hardware consistently upgraded, it’s maintained by the talented IT staff at Cloud Company. With Cloud MSP, your company reduces employee downtime and risk from non –functioning equipment.
  • Technology advances at a rapid pace. Cloud MSP allows you to convert capital equipment expense on technology into an operating expense which is much more attractive for most budgets and offers tax benefits.


Cloud MSP counters IT trends that increasingly move away from personalized service by offering 24x7 live and local help desk support. The staff at Cloud Company supports our client network and is skilled in resolving everything from basic "how to" questions to complex server issues. Local support is just a click or call away!

Technology support at your fingertips with a single point of contact for IT problem resolutions backed by the Cloud Company staff certified in multiple business IT platforms.

Cloud MSP offers 24/7 local help desk support for your technology. Our commitment is to improve customer satisfaction with Fast Resolution to IT issues either remotely or on-site at our customer’s home or work location.

Cloud MSP goes beyond monitoring your performance. Cloud MSP is a pro-active system, by anticipating problems to your service before they occur. We implement solutions before the problems take root.



The technology we use to communicate information is ever changing and with Cloud MSP, you receive personalized training to keep you informed with current up to date software to ensure your employees maximize the utility of Microsoft, Google, Sage Pastel and other business platforms.

Cloud MSP provides your team with guided transitions into the latest technology. No more downtime from underused software.
Cloud MSP training sessions are led by a certified Microsoft Platform partner driven to make sure clients learn effective use of their software.

At the heart of the Cloud MSP package is a passion for technology and learning—a passion that drives us to constantly master the best software solution for our customers.